Herzolex Ultra Life Gaining big bulky muscles

Herzolex Ultra Life Currently, there are many claims of weight loss with false promises and brand new products on the market now. Not only are these messages confusing, sometimes offering contradictory or abstract information, but they are outright overwhelming.

The reason there is such an abundant amount of information available, is because getting healthy has become a fad. Like wild fire, business and supermarkets quickly jumped on the healthy bandwagon, making “health food” claims on anything from chicken nuggets to brownies. These sneaky marketing tactics make it difficult for people to decipher healthy from pseudo healthy.

That is why I am here, the reason I got into the fitness business in the first place is because I want to help people make the healthiest decisions possible.

Many people who are looking to get into shape consult the great and powerful GOOGLE machine; some of the top searches being: “best foods to gain muscle” or to “eat.” Seriously, go look.

The main problem, of course, is everyone wants to claim new and improved methods and most are misleading. Obviously not everyone in the fitness world is this way, but most of the advertising and claims you see are not from people in the fitness world. That’s why I want to help you weed through all the nonsense. For today’s article I will focus on the myth that the best way to lose weight is cardiovascular training, such as the treadmill and elliptical.

Even though people do see some weight loss on these machine it does not even come close to the best ways to burn fat. Now people need to keep in mind everyone has different goals and different reason for exercising. With that in mind if you are not moving correctly because of tight muscles or painful joints these machines are not right for you.

Think of it this way if your car has problems with its tires or more importantly the engine, are you going to get the same gas mileage out of it? If you guessed no you’re correct, you will not because the car is not running efficiently. Same goes for your body if your joints and muscles are tight and you’re not burning calories properly then you will end up working a lot harder to reach the same goal as someone who is efficiently moving and burning calories. To burn calories efficiently you not only need to be exercising correctly but eating clean as well, I will go into more depth on this topic in an upcoming article.



Deadlift 5×5

Bench press 5×5

Squat 5×5

Farmers Carry 5×5

Gaining big bulky muscles are a preference, and take an extremely vigorous nutritional program. So for most people this is just going to give you more dense lean muscles and a reduced amount of body fat. The point being if you train to gain dense lean muscle you will not only burn fat when you sprint, but also when your body sleeps and recovers. If you are just running

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