Buy Review Jack Hammer XL Human Body Is One Of The Most Complicated

Buy Review Jack Hammer XL Every weightlifter, bodybuilder and fitness athlete has or will encounter the dreaded plateau at some point in their gym training. You’re still showing up regularly, still putting in 110% effort every workout, but progress has STOPPED… So let’s take a look at why it happens, then look at a workout you’ll want to try to get past this roadblock.

The human body is one of the most complicated, efficient organisms in existence. Your body is constantly evolving and refining itself for maximum efficiency and results. It uses fat for energy when it’s not getting the right nutrients at the right time in the right quantities, so it tries to store as much fat as it thinks you may need down the road – all based on what you give it and how much energy you expend daily. (Remember, a calorie is a measure of ENERGY, not weight or mass.)

On the other side of the equation, it knows that muscle consumes more energy than any other element in your body, so it tries to limit the amount of muscle on your body to just exactly enough to get you through the day and no more. This is why the muscles you’ve built in the gym start to erode as soon as you stop weightlifting, even though fat seems to hang on forever.

So when your weightlifting stalls and you hit that plateau it’s almost always because your body believes you’ve got enough muscle already – or at least enough to handle the stresses you place it under each day. Perhaps you’ve been using the same routine for too long, or going between routines that are too similar. Or maybe you haven’t been increasing the amount of weight you’re moving during each workout enough – insufficient increases in total workload placed on the body.

But it can also be a lot more complicated. If you’ve been lifting weights for years it’s going to take that much more to keep adding muscle to your body when it’s already carrying more muscle than your frame was designed for. Take a compound lift Jack Hammer XL like squats or deadlifts. There are a dozen or more muscles involved in each rep, ligaments and tendons at every joint that have to participate, plus the bone strength and bone density need to be up to the task of supporting all those forces without breaking. Oh yes – and don’t forget the electrical impulses that must run unimpeded between each muscle cell and your central nervous system.

Or the hormones your body releases when under stress – try working out with no adrenaline, testosterone or endorphins in your system and see how far you get. And your endurance during workouts is also dependent on stored oxygen – both in the lungs and in every muscle…

A very complex system indeed! And the bad news for weightlifters, bodybuilders and fitness athletes is that your performance is limited by the weakest link in that whole process! Try to push too far past that weak link’s limit and you’ll learn the displeasure of muscle pulls, muscle tears, hernias, rhabdomyolysis, etc.

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